Student Spotlight: Matthew Oyer

Matthew Oyer, EKU MPA graduate

Current City: Milford, Ohio

Matt Oyer graduated from the on-campus MPA program at Eastern Kentucky University. Beginning in January 2014, students will have the opportunity to take the same courses from the same professors in a fully online format and earn the same degree. Here’s what Matt had to say about his experience.

What were some of the highlights of the EKU MPA program when you were a student?

The MPA classes were an excellent combination of theory and real world applications.The faculty were always very receptive to opinions and questions from the students. They encouraged open discussion of the curriculum.

How did earning your MPA benefit your career?

Within weeks of graduation I was able to get job in Georgia as a community development planner with an organization that works with local governments. My education and experience gained through the MPA program played a large role in my ability to get the job. I have continued to work in the nonprofit/local government sector and am currently working in the Cincinnati area.

Published on December 04, 2013