EKU Online welcomes Darrin Wilson, Ph.D.

Darrin Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr. Darrin Wilson comes to EKU from Florida Atlantic University, but EKU is really home to him.  Originally from Laurel County, Dr. Wilson joins the department to teach community development and public finance –topics near to his heart and home here in Eastern Kentucky.

As we all know, Kentucky, specifically the eastern region, is in need of public leaders with the leadership and technical skills to move our communities forward. Growing up in eastern Kentucky, Dr. Wilson can relate to the problems that most of our communities face regarding economic and community development.  That is why he is excited to join EKU and help to train future Kentucky leaders in topics such as the theories of economic development, financing projects, and creating metrics to measure economic growth, analyzing economic development case studies and interpreting economic and employment data. His goals include giving students the opportunity for practical experience that can be applied in their career.

He teaches in a way that encourages students to think about the assets within their community.  Every community has roads, education systems, governments, financial institutions, culture, and natural resources.  Dr. Wilson wants students to learn to recognize community assets, measure them, and develop plans to utilize them.  

Dr. Wilson’s primary research is on the behavior of local governments in financial crisis.  He studies how local governments respond to falling tax revenues and economic dislocations.  However, his interests in economic development are wider than one project.  He also looks at how universities and other educational institutions contribute to the development –civic and economic –of their host communities, and how rural areas, such as Eastern Kentucky, can develop their communities to survive in the 21st century. Recently Dr. Wilson presented at two conferences on the topics of county government budgeting during the Great Recession and the teaching component in public administration programs. 

We would like to welcome Dr. Wilson and look forward to the expertise and insights he brings to our students. 

Published on March 11, 2016