What Does a Social and Community Service Manager Do?

Social and community service managers oversee, coordinate, and manage social services and community programs. They work to identify the needs of their community and leverage their knowledge of public administration to address those needs through the implementation of government programs, non-profit initiatives, or innovative new approaches. These programs could include things like Meals on Wheels, addiction rehabilitation programs, community fitness centers, etc. As a social and community service manager, you would be overseeing and coordinating the efforts of your teamto enhance and propel the community forward. Once programs are developed, it is the role of the service manager to collect data on these programs to ensure that citizens’ needs are being met by the programs.

Another large component of the job is mobilizing the community to be excited participants in your programs. This can be done through the use of social media, local advertising, hosting local events, or even going door to door and sharing with your neighbors how you are working to improve their lives and the community at large.

Since the scope of those that need assistance is so large many social and community service managers must narrow their focus to best be of service. Social and community service managers can work with children, elderly adults, at-risk youths, parents, impoverished families, etc. Or they can work with the people plagued by a certain issue pervasive in the community such as substance abuse, unemployment, hunger, racial discrimination, etc. The avenues that can be pursued in this job are numerous, but they all have one overarching goal and that is serving their family, their friends, their neighbors, the community, and the public good.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of social and community service managers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.They also estimate that the median annual wage for social and community service managers was $65,320 (per year) in May 2018.

What Skills Are Required to Make a Difference?

  • A Passion for Serving Others

Social and community service managers are advocates for their community members so having a passion for serving others and making a difference is paramount.

  • Problem-solving skills

Social and community service managers must be able to assess the problems in their community and develop effective and efficient ways of best addressing them with limited resources.

  • Communication skills

Social and community service managers must be able to go out into their community and effectively communicate what their programs are and how they can help people. Being able to communicate with your neighbors also creates a sense of trust that is essential in service and outreach.

  • Organization

It is the responsibility of social and community service managers to develop and implement programs in their communities. Organization is key to effectively put programs into practice through the combined efforts of the government,the non-profit sector, and the community.


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Published on May 05, 2020