Inside Look


Written by Dr. LeAnn Beaty
MPA Director/Associate Professor

An MPA is like a Swiss Army Knife

An MPA Degree is like a Swiss Army Knife

Written by Matthew Howell, Assistant Professor

Much like a Swiss Army Knife offers any tool you need for any job, an MPA student graduates with the knowledge and ability to perform multiple roles and direct multiple projects across the industry spectrum.

My Journey to the MPA Program

Written by Luke Morgan

The Challenges of Online Learning

Written by Dr. LeAnn Beaty

Program Design and Pacific Rim

Written by Dr. Matthew Howell

Student Spotlight: Matthew Oyer

Matthew Oyer, EKU MPA graduate

Current City: Milford, Ohio

Matt Oyer graduated from the on-campus MPA program at Eastern Kentucky University. Beginning in January 2014, students will have the opportunity to take the same courses from the same professors in a fully online format and earn the same degree. Here’s what Matt had to say about his experience.